Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sitting about

As I sit here sitting about

Sat about

Set about

Set under

Adjusted and satirized

I contemplate conjunction and whispers of fountain pens

I ponder perfection in all its elusive forms

And formulate dreams of distance and breeze

In honour of those gone and those who prevail, I wonder on wonderment

And feel the bliss of reality

On my doorstep

In my fingerprints

And under toe

I am consumed with the preemptive,

The pursuit of the preamble

And stuck in a rut of delicious indulgence

I am at the shore

My toe is liquid

And the sand is the abyss at edge of life’s waters

The water is words and writing and red blue topaz suns of possibility

Yet I am fraught with iniquity

With under handed obscurity that threatens my fibers

It pulls at my shirt by the small threads of conscience

Could I succeed

In simplifying the infinite into edible morsels

The light is dim

The lines are long

And blurred

The fountain spills eternal

Insidious undulations

Carnal malleability

Distant shores

Redeemable smiles and fortunes told

In deep silence

Reveries uncovered

Candy wrapper pink reveal…

I stand unriveted and serene

But covered by plastic gazes

Become wild and unsteady

Tripping over light and low bushes

And abandoned toys on my mind’s floor

Clutter the way and make me appear childish


I talk aloud when muted tones surround me

I am unsure and undeveloped

A foetus in a world of the talented.

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