Friday, June 13, 2008

Gadget man

I live with a gadget obsessed person. The drawers of our house are lined with discarded mobile phones, tossed aside when the newer, better reviewed, smaller, better features, more memory phones are released. We usually have the newest, latest model before it's been released in most countries, thanks to our Dubai-Lebanese importer connections in Accra.

The turnover is becoming alarmingly shorter these days. It used to be we could safely estimate the life of a phone to be a year. Then it went down to six months. Now we go through these like sweets.

Nokia-N95-Nokia-E90-iphone-HTC TyTN2 ... all within a few months.
And apparantly they're releasing a new iphone with 3G and GPS in early July, so I'm sure that will be the next toy.

Our children end up the coolest or most technically advanced on the schoolyard, with the hand-me-downs they get. At this rate they have their pick of the discarded carcasses...

The mobile phone thing is just one of many. We have drawers full of gadgets that monitor the amount of UV your skin has been exposed to, how many kms you have walked, a portable blood pressure machine, and the cameras ... oh the cameras!

No paparazzi has anything on mine. We have a backpack that looks like you could carry all your worldly belongings in it and hike Mt. Kilimanjaro... however if you open it's huge zipper, it reveals that the 20 pound weight inside is made up of one camera and it's hugely phallic zoom lens. It's frightening.

But that is not enough of course. We also have the best in small digital cameras. The story behind these being that one was bought after reading the rave reviews, only to find out hours later there had been a newer one released. One that could be thrown harder against a wall without breaking and could go 10 meters instead of only 3 metres down in the ocean... WELL, that afternoon another camera was bought and we had Imagine. Who am I to question? We NEEDED the two. Of course we did. So the other three or four small digital cameras in the closets are not good enough anymore because you can't throw them against the wall or drown them in a glass of coke like you can with the new ones!!!

Recently we got a banana yellow video camera. This was NOT to replace the other HD video camera we bought the year before. No - this one is waterproof. But inferior, so the other one must be kept for serious occasions. Ok I understand.

What I understand quite clearly is that I live with a "Gadget Man". I'm thinking of having a superhero style t-shirt with this logo emblazoned on the front for him, but that will be another piece of clothing which will be considered unnecessary, a waste of money... maybe even frivolous.
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