Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Now blow out your wishes and make a candle...

Birthdays, like New Years Eve are always anti-climactic. Everyone wishes you the best, and says have a great day! But what if it isn’t a particularly good day? Afterall, anything could happen. You could get your period and feel like a ten ton truck with a couple extra water filled tires hanging heavily around your waist, for example. You could get up, look in the mirror and see the dark circles of life settled deeply under your eyes.

You might just be facing a work day that is particularly stressful and have a pounding headache, and not enough time to grab a sandwich even for lunch.
It might just be that you find yourself completely alone on that particular day with nothing to do but contemplate all the far flung well wishes and your own self pity.
You might come home to a quiet house with yesterday’s chili in the fridge and reruns on TV…

Happy Birthday! I’d like mine postponed this year, and while you’re at it I’d like the number adjusted by 10 years.

I’d like a big surprise party so I could blush and feel special and then diamonds and other extravagant unnecessary luxuries to prove I’m loved. I’d like a chauffeur to pick me up and whisk me off to a spa for a day of full pampering and self indulgence.

But I’d settle for good health and savings in the bank. Uh oh, both those are in jeopardy this year as well.

Probably a good idea to skip the cake too, as the number of candles needed at this stage could crush the cake and start a fire!

Birthdays put so much pressure on you to be happy, be honoured and be remembered.

But what if deep down you know that you have a great family and friends who love you all the time and that you might get a random gift on an off day when no one is expecting you to, and won’t ask if you got spoiled on the big day?

Isn’t it just as good to have a great child, be in an amazing relationship, have a challenging job and dreams that are forming into tangible future plans? Is it not good enough to wake up to sunshine and warmth and two fried eggs on a plate?

Birthdays should give you a chance to reflect on how the year has disappeared and ask yourself what special moments you can remember. And then keep them with you. Birthdays should remind you that time is short and precious and irrevocable and that every minute, day, month, year you have should be filled up with your best. Loving those around you and laughing as much as possible.

I think I’ll dust off that bottle of champagne at the back of the liquor cabinet, pop it open and celebrate near 4 decades of an excellent life, and toast the effort to make the next 4 decades even better.
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posekyere said...

Wishing you a really happy birthday!
May you be filled with unmeasurable joy in the days ahead.
Be happy, be optimistic because the best is ahead of you.

The pale observer said...

Thanks for that!!! :)

Rhi said...

I love your blog! And this post is so true... I'm already starting to realize life is flying by. But keep your chin up and remember the good times. And happy birthday.

Oh, one more thing. Just letting you know, you should probably take the "ads" in the top right off. If Google finds out you've been asking people to click on your site, they'll ban your account and you wont be able to get it again. Plus, you wont get any of the money you've earned. They're fickle with things like that... just make sure you take off the "ads" and don't click on your own site and you should be good to go.

The pale observer said...

Hi Rhi - thanks alot and thanks for the advice! Will take this off. To tell you the truth I barely make a few cents anyway.... :(

Do you have a blog?

Andi said...

Loved this post! I never looked or appreciated birthdays like that and I think I might just start to. :) Have a good one!

Poindexter said...

Thanks for the gentle prod to remain in the present, to live with humble gratitude and to cherish the abundant gifts within our reach. Do you mind if I post a link to this essay on my blog? I love it! -Diane

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