Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Santogold - makes me smile

One day in a bank semi-recently, waiting impatiently, I saw this bizarre music video on the flat screen up on the wall, meant to distract you from the extra long and tedious wait. It worked - I fell in love with the song and the video. I became obsessed with finding who the group was, the song name, and ultimately getting the video in my hot paws so I could watch it again.

Well through the help of my son and other Internet sleuths (namely his online friends forums)I found it!!! This wasn't easy, given all I could explain was that it was a video of a girl on a horse in a forest...

Music makes me happy - but finding a song I've been yearning for makes me even happier.

What do I love about this song? The bizarre scene of the girl on a horse in front of an ominous forest, with the awkward sideline dancers... I guess I just can't explain it. Music is one of those things.

I might be the only one who likes this song... who knows! I wouldn't be surprised.

Over the years I've loved some pretty bizarre things (and people - but that's another story!). One of my fav movies is Gummo (everyone I know questions my sanity on that one). There are obscure little known movies I LOVE like Chocolat, set in the Colonial 1950's in Cameroon and The Lunatic about a sex crazed German and a local madman in Jamaica. One of my all time muses is Grace Jones. You gotta love her, or at least I do! But hey -

Today I share my weird found video - enjoy!!! (or not) :)

SANTOGOLD - Les Artistes

Turns out I don't like much else the group or singer has done, so I won't be looking for the album, but just wanted to pay my hommage to them for this one!
Thanks For Making This Possible! Kindly Bookmark and Share it.

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