Tuesday, June 16, 2009

As seen on the streets of Ghana today

I couldn't have made it up! Ghana-o... now I've seen everything.
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posekyere said...

A tragedy or hilarity?
I am stunned.Gosh.

Barbara said...

ROTFLMAO! Holli, you've got the fastest camera in Ghana. There is no way I can top that. I thought I'd seen it all. Absolutely hysterical.

Leslie said...

That picture made my day! Barb sent me to your blog. Really lightened me up after being attacked by a swam of those long-winged whatevers that appear during the rainy season!
I'd love a copy!!

J said...

The way to deal with "seeing" unbelievable things is to simply say:

"expect the unexpected"

...that's my motto whilst in Ghana :-)

marian said...

Oh i LOVE this. Classic!

Ingo said...

The front and hind legs must have been bound -- making that goat into a Rucksack! Amazing shot.

Prissy said...

LOL Ghanaians Pa!

it never fails

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