Sunday, September 27, 2009

The meaning of life is 42

I've been getting lots of 'things about me' chain mails and facebook links... Some are 100 things, some are 25 things, some are 50 things. So I decided to post my own. Only I've heard that the meaning of life is 42. That's exactly as many points as I could muster up.

Apparently this is a pay it forward type thing and apparently I'm months behind as everyone has already done this... so here goes my late to the finish line contribution...

1. I have no fear of rats and mice, but I’m convinced cockroaches and earwigs are the devil’s spawn

2. And I’m not even religious!

3. Chocolate though, it’s gotta be from heaven. 70% is the closest of all to heavenly…

4. I fractured my skull falling from a lifeguard’s chair when I was seven.

5. Apart from my head I’ve never had a broken bone.

6. I’ve never tried any drugs except for marijuana, and it had me believing I could see the entire Captain Hook movie unfolding along the ashphalt as we drove down the road, my head hanging out the window. I realized it wasn’t for me…

7. I love red wine – especially Malbec and good Shiraz, but to be honest the third glass could be anything – it all starts to taste the same.

8. I only like flowers growing. I think cut flowers are wasteful and pointless.

9. One of my favourite childhood pastimes was popping tar bubbles on the side of the road. Although my friend and I missed entire lunchtimes doing this and got separated by our parents for the walks to and from school as a punishment.

10. One of my other favourite childhood pastimes was collecting worms after the rain in jars… I was a bit weird.

11. I refused braces even though my bottom teeth are all ‘higgelty piggelty’ according to my husband.

12. Once in a restaurant I owned with my ex, a man fell down the stairs and cracked his head open. One of the waiters shouted to me at the bar, “Call 911!!!!” I shouted back in a panic, “What’s the number?!!”

13. Cilantro is a love or hate thing. I LOVE it. Beets are the same, but I HATE them.

14. Sports have never been my thing. As a kid I failed at ballet, tennis, t-ball, soccer and synchronized swimming. Since the age of 13 I have pretty much avoided all sports like the plague.

15. I have a big horizontal scar across my right knee from an operation I had at 16 to remove a calcium deposit – the result of a soccer injury!

16. I’ve never been a very feminine lady. I don’t wear make up and always feel like a kid wearing her mom’s make up when I do try for special occasions.

17. I hate to chew gum, it gives me a headache.

18. I can’t whistle. I just look funny and air comes out of my mouth.

19. I can’t play video games, it makes my chin quiver involuntarily.

20. My 20th birthday was spent in a village in Botswana where I was volunteering for a year with Crossroads International

21. I have had two to three recallable dreams a night ever since I can remember. Most are not profound.

22. I like movies that are realistic or based on true stories. I hate Sci-fi and action films.

23. I owned a gas station as a single mom for three years when I was 25.

24. My first boyfriend was in kindergarten. He was from Nigeria and his name was Nigel. His family was the only non-white family in the small Ontario town I lived in.

25. I was an only child until I was 8.

26. I’ve always been enamoured with Africa.

27. I hate gambling. Never understood the fascination with casinos.

28. No one can convince me that creationism should be taught along side evolution in a science class.

29. I find dogmatic religions to be insulting and controlling.

30. I’m a fan of British comedy. Ricky Gervais and Eddie Izzard are my favourites.

31. I have an arm band tattoo of dancing stickmen, all holding hands around my bicep (what bicep!)

32. I LOVE spicy food. The more pepper the better.

33. I learned Swahili in University. I learned Twi in life, in Ghana.

34. A friend and I named ourselves ‘ABFab’ moms after the famous British duo in the show Absolutely Fabulous.

35. I gave my first son three middle names – one of them is ‘Mompati’ which means my companion in Setswana.

36. I’m pretty good with chopsticks and I like sushi before it was trendy.

37. My fav foods are cheesecake, Pad Thai and vegetarian roti (from Bacchus Roti shop on Queen St. in Toronto).

38. I am not remotely graceful.

39. I can get along with almost everyone.

40. My friends say I’m a typical Sagittarius. They mean I like to travel and put my foot in my mouth a lot. I talk louder than I think sometimes.

41. I’ve had more heartache in this lifetime than anyone should endure, but I still have a positive outlook.

42. I've had 3 major relationships, 2 children, 2 stepchildren and 1 boat and I've learned something from each one of them.

Now my eyes are squeezed shut. I'm sending this off to cyber space and waiting for the meaning of life to come to me. Does it come by e-mail attachment?
Thanks For Making This Possible! Kindly Bookmark and Share it.

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Lorelei said...

My first boyfriend at age 13 is now my husband at age 41. He hates cilantro.

4evernite said...

What honest and revealing things about yourself! Thanks for sharing. I love red wines as well (haven't tried Malbec) and yes, by the third glass, who cares what kind. lol. I hate beets! Don't care much for sports either. I love chewing gum. Can't whistle. Love cheesecake! Enjoyed your "things about me".

#167 Dad said...

Congrtatulations on and thank you for the positive outlook...

Anonymous said...

Google youtube+Eddie Izzard+Lego+Death Star Canteen
also youtube+Eddie Izzard+Lego+Colonials+flag
the other Ab Fab parent
P.S I remember when you coined that in response to my fury at the hippo retard film festival people and I spat coffee all over my computer I was laughing so hard

truestarr said...

re:meaning of life... I am pretty sure that it comes as one of those attachments - the ones that say that it can't be opened because of some technical problem.

loved your 42 things. (look forward to your next birthday for the 43!)

The pale observer said...

@Lorelei - wow! The first boyfriend at 13 still the hubby at 41 - what a love story! Cilantro is like that - love it or hate it.

@4evernite - thanks for the comments! You MUST try Argentinian Malbec.

@Doll face - THANKS!!! Of course I could never remember where we got that phrase from... you have the best memory ever! Will try the googling...

Thanks truestar - I'll be waiting for that attachment...By the way, I might have sold myself short of a few years of life! I'm still a few years before I get to 42 in years... maybe that's when I'll finally know the true meaning of life! :)

LMJ said...

I loved it.

My first boyfriend was when I was 19.

I like Eddie Izzard.

I don't like make up, either. I wear it once in a while, when I want to feel feminine and pretty. Mostly is to please the hubby.

Joemill said...

This is wonderful! Glad to know you a lot better. Exciting life you have. :)

Will be reading more from you. :)

The pale observer said...

Thanks LMJ - luckily for me, my hubby hates makeup and high heels and the whole girly look. Works for me!!

Joemill - thanks. Do you have a similar list? :)

Jenno said...

A nice little glimpse into your likes, dislikes, and experiences, although the blog on the whole is even more revealing! Thanks for the follow, too -- I look forward to seeing you there and also coming to read yours!


Sylvia Dickey Smith said...

I agree with you on number 3! Lots of the others as well!

The pale observer said...

Hi Jenno and Sylvia - thanks for the comments and the visit!!!

Solvang Sherrie said...

My son and I still go out and pick up worms after it rains. We move them off the road and back into some grass so they won't get run over. He became obsessed with saving the worms when he was 3 and now it's just a habit.

I enjoyed reading your 42 points--we're very similar on quite a few, not just the worms :)

Daniel Dickey said...

Though this is completely different from my blog...I enjoy your writting very much. Keep posting great pieces and I'll keep reading.

ladytruth said...

This is my first visit (of many) and I'm glad I caught up at just the right time finding out 42 things about you right off the bat :)

Thanks for following me and leaving a comment; I really enjoy the way you write and will be coming back for some more.

Matthew said...

Nice list. Your back postings look interesting too - I'll make sure I stop by again and get up to date. :)

ps. T-Ball? Sounds like a prison buddy's name - one of the guys who hangs around the freeweights in the rec yard...

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious said...

Definitely ditto for 3, 16, 18, 22, 32 and 38.. :D
Btw, nice post! Keep 'em coming!! :)

Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

4 was extremely unlucky, fall down and fracture your skull from a LIFEGUARD seat...Only life can be this ironic.

However, I disagree with 38.

The pale observer said...

Thanks ladytruth!

@Matthew - t-ball is not as interesting as you'd think. It's baseball for little kids - instead of a pitcher, there's at that you hit the ball off... :)

@Sonia - thanks! Looks like we have alot in common!!

@Daniel - thanks will be reading you as well!

@Sherrie - not sure why I used to collect the worms - we always found them on a big tennis court in the park :)

Do you have a list as well??

Michelle H. said...

Too many in this list that I agree on, but #8 is my pet peeve. I just can't understand the deal with handing someone dying flowers as a token of affection...

The pale observer said...

Wow! Michelle - you and I are pretty much on our own I think with this one :) Most women LOVE cut flowers. Good to know I'm not the only odd one out!

Thanks for reading and commenting too!

Christine Gram said...

Your Sagittarius comment made me laugh. Sounds just like me. I think I like you. Thanks for reading my post about sterograms. I REALLY do have my wedding photos on view graphs. Want to come over for dinner and look at them? See, I'll never learn...

Now I'm you're newest follower.

Jungle Mom said...

My first boyfriend is now my husband. I was 14 when we met, 26 years later and we are still together. I am enjoying checking out your blog.

The pale observer said...

Thanks Christine and Jungle Mom for your comments and sharing little tidbits of you!!!

posekyere said...

I see what you have got, Holli.
An overcomer's DNA.
You are really one of a kind.
I celebrate your spirit.
Beautiful life!

Maya Mame said...

Great post! Laughed at point 12, after having a very similar experience.

And cilantro (I'm assuming that's what we in Europe know as Coriander) to me is almost as divine as 70% chocolate!

The pale observer said...

Posekyere - you are always too kind to me!! Thanks very much :)

Maya Mame - thanks for reading - and yes cilantro/coriander - heavenly like dark chocolate. I can see we'd get along well...

truestarr said...

I've just nominated you for the "One Lovely Blog" award!

The pale observer said...

Thanks Truestar!! I'm new at the award thing though - what do I do to receive it? :)

truestarr said...

you need to pass it along and nominate a few other blogs, but then just copy and paste the picture from my blog, (i forgot to tell you). xx

Theresa - Supporting Reality Since 1983 said...

thx for the comments, same to you :) I know what you mean about #30 cause I am one, haha.

blunt edges said...

the format is pretty catchy...even i could try something similar!

no.7 was funny...n is no.12 really true??? :o

The pale observer said...

Blunt edges - write one!!! Would love to read. Yes sadly number 12 is true!!

jan said...

oh i also remember filling a jar full of worms one time after it rained - it was so fun!

and i'm a fellow archer!

: )

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