Thursday, October 14, 2010

Colour my World... with food dyes?

While at work, and deeply concentrating on my official duties (not), I came across this gorgeous art, made with water and food colouring. I wanted to share so here you go!

This first one looks like a crimson fish, gushing bubbles into the deep blue sea... LOVE IT!

I can't find the original source, so I'll probably be arrested for copyright infringement or something - but wait, I'm in Ghana. So I'm probably safe.

If these are your work, or you know the artist, please let me know. Otherwise just enjoy, and please don't call Interpol.

Happy Thursday :)
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Miss Footloose said...

Fabulous! I love these types of photos. I once saw -- in National Geographic, I think -- photos of vitamins under a microscope. I don't meant he pills, but the chemical structure. Mind blowing pieces of art.

Janet said...


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