Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Danger of the Written Word

A week ago today, I embarked on what has turned out to be a very dangerous trip.
Not the wandering amid the streets of Jamestown, but the aftermath of my account of that event.

Instead of our usual cherished Saturday adventures deep in the ‘bend down’ boutiques of Makola, T and I headed to a much advertised arts festival.

The truth is that I have indeed become skeptical of the punctuality and grandiosity of events as advertised - and this comes from being disappointed many times over the past 15 years in Ghana.

The Street Art festival indeed disappointed me as I’d suspected it would. I spent two hours there and I did not give the event a ‘chance’ to get going. I later read some amazing accounts on Graham’s blog and others, and saw some great photos on Nana Kofi Acquah’s Photo blog here.

I was not in the mood that day to revel in the brightness of the eyes of children, to see the hope and beauty they possess inherently. I saw instead the reality of choked gutters and endemic poverty. I ignored the hope that the idea of art and expression brought to the area. I was in a melancholic mood.

But in writing about this, I made some mistakes that have taught me some valuable life lessons.

1. We have a responsibility to write without assumptions. We as bloggers are seen in a way as journalists, and the way we represent an event paints a picture. A picture that might be half drawn. That might not be coloured in for the reader.

2. As a blogger, we must accept that we are viewed, judged and convicted on the words of each post. We are therefore only as good as our last post. I may have written many times about the beauty, the vitality and the amazing spirit of Ghana before, but in one post, my jaded slant created a false impression that it’s very difficult to live with.

3. Readers can feed off the energy of comments. Mass mentality can happen on a website, as quick as can happen in a crowded street where someone shouts ‘thief’! Since writing my account of a less than perfect festival that I witnessed a portion of, in my bad mood, I have been labeled a racist, a bigot, an uninvited, unappreciative monger of poverty writing, and far, far worse.

It is disturbing and hurtful to be at the centre of a witch hunt in a country that I have called home for so long. It is sad to me that one blog post has created a venomous and violent response from the fellow bloggers that I share a creative space with, in Ghana’s online community.

I have learned many things. That I must be careful – I must present more well rounded accounts of events and leave my moods at home. That it is far more uplifting to see the beauty around us than the negative, as it is everywhere and it permeates. It is more of a challenge and more rewarding to pluck out the good and raise it up above the bad.

I have learned that hatred lies so shallow below the surface, and I have seen it’s ugly face in the blog posts and comments hurled at me. I have seen how easy it is for people to judge, to condemn without knowledge. To push someone into a box, a label that doesn’t befit them. (Perhaps I also unwittingly labeled and boxed the community of Jamestown with my account…)

I am resilient though, and I will continue to live my little life, and write from my humble perspective, and if Ghana will not embrace me, I will embrace myself.

The people of Jamestown too are resilient, and will brush off my grumpy critique, as it has been pointed out that I was not the intended audience, and if the children enjoyed the day, that is far more important.

I’d like to close with a quote that all of us should take to heart. It will help in my writing and I hope it will help my scathing critics:

“If each man or woman could understand that every other human life is as full of sorrows, or joys, or base temptations, of heartaches and of remorse as his own . . . how much kinder, how much gentler he would be.”
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Celeste said...

Wow Holli I am so sad that you got such a visceral response to your post.
I read it and although I didn't necessarily agree with everything you wrote, I respected it for what it was - your personal opinion of an event. Whilst blogs are accessible to anyone who cares to read them, bloggers are usually not professional journalists and so are not held to the idea of offering unbiased reporting (not that many professional journalists do that either these days!)

To call you a racist would be a joke if it wasn't so nasty. Some of the people who called you that should try reading some blogs that are actually written by people who really are racist - there is nothing more awful. I have accidentally stumbled across a few over the years and they are genuinely shocking and so filled with hatred they defy description.

I realize that to get such a strong reaction to your writing comes as a shock and hurts but honestly if you hadn't 'hit a nerve' there would have been no response. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, you, me, the people who responded to your post but at the same time none of the opinions are 100% correct they just belong to the person who put them forth.

I genuinely hope that you will continue to write in the same way as you always have because it is very obvious that you have a deep love for the country that you now call home but at the same time you are not afraid to show all aspects of it to the rest of the world - good and bad. No country is without issues and anyone who only wants others to hear the positives about their nation is deluding themselves and no one else.

Anonymous said...

"An eye for an eye, and soon the whole world is blind." My dear Holli, I am surprised that after all these years you do not know we in Ghana do not like being criticised. The closer you are to the truth, the nastier, more personal, emotional and subjective the response you will get from us. It is not what you said, but how you put it accross and the time you chose to address certain issues.
I believe an Arts Festival is not the best time to point out the short-commings of our nation. But attacking you at this "gutter level" will not help. Maybe if Nana Yaw had taken that second he felt would be wasted, to read through your blog he would have realised the James Town report was not your usual way of writing and he could have ciriticised and questioned you OBJECTIVELY. Sadly, most of the writers displayed the very attributes they accused you of.
You then made the mistake of defending yourself by describing the efforts you have put into trying to assimilate and be "more Ghanaian". Sadly, we might openly applaud you for such efforts but in our hearts, you remain a foreigner. I "feel you" because even as a Ghanaian, I am extremely critical of my country and my people. Until we learn to accept criticism, to admit that there is a whole lot we could do better and to stop blaming others for our mess, we will never advance as a people or a nation.
We all have our opinions even on bad days. If you want to appologise, then to the organisers and to the people of James Town for your being grumpy and prejudiced on that day. Next time, don't grace such nastiness with your time. Also don't expect and appology for the unwarranted personal attacks. Even though you constantly hear "sorry" in Ghana it is an empty word. Generally we do not appologise, we just pretend nothing happened. The hurt will pass. Chin up and keep writing!

Anonymous said...

Oh Holli, I feel for you.

As a fellow blogger, I must say I generally only post about things I see and/or how I see them --- IN MY OPINION. Often my opinion is similar to others and I might endorse their sentiments or logic or viewpoint on my blog.

BUT IT REMAINS MY BLOG and if it offends, simply move on and don't visit it again.

There is no need for vitirole, slander and personal attack. Life's too short!

I love your closing quote

Anonymous said...


I don't normally post/comment at all, but I have known Holli for a long time, and I have the urge to add my 2 cents worth, and I have to agree totally with Celeste.

Your jottings are as valid and unbiased as any I know of. The "racist" tag is a joke, (to those that know you).

I would simply ask that you continue as before, and ignore the "haters", all this will pass, and life will continue.

Thats all...... Tim

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha... This is a joke right? Because if not then I guess I have been way too optimistic about human nature and immigrants in Africa.

So this is now being spun as a witch hunt and Holli (the victim) should take no responsibility for setting this off in the first place because she is not a 'journalist'? So she need not have any integrity and should therefore hold no blame for anything she writes?

Poor misunderstood little white girl who tried to save the unfeeling and unappreciative natives, then?

Alright, as you like it. If this rejoinder could have been written to further alienate Ghanaian readers from this blogger any more, my imagination could not extend that far.

I had looked forward to the promised response that I thought would somehow foster reconciliation from someone who has lived in our country for 15 years. If this is it, the best that you could do then I see now that it is hopeless.

If you refuse to see that you are blind, then there is nothing that anyone can do to help you.

I shall definitely do my best to steer clear of this space in the future but should another such incident occur, the writer should understand that she has arranged and dug her own grave.

Make no mistaken, we shall continue to rally our 'mass mentality' if ever another ungenerous and biased 'observer' chooses to take an unconsidered bite out of our struggle to rise and move forward.

Good luck.

IanH said...

Wow, this post is right from the heart! It will cause me to be more careful in my writings. Do not give up! You have taken the experience and learned from it. There are too many people in the world that sit waiting to pounce on a slip of the tongue or a hasty written word. remember we are told to take the plank out of our own eye before looking at the splinter in others. Keep on blogging! You have one fan here in the north.

Gifty said...

Holli, glad you wrote this post. Next time please make your posts well rounded and not one-sided. I"ve been a follower for a long time, and i almost unfollowed you when you wrote that appalling post about the chale wote festival, but that would've been wrong.
I didn't have a problem with you criticizing Ghana, i had a problem with your TONE and how you criticized the event. Remember sometimes your mood shows in the tone of the words you write.
have a good day.

The pale observer said...

@ Celeste - thanks for your candid comments. I agree that to an extent, we must write from the heart and I will try to learn from this but to stay true to myself

@Anon1 - I think i know who this is - thanks for the insight - and I do apologise for my negative report, to the organisers who tried hard and dedicated their time and funds to the event.

You have reminded me that we can't please all the people all the time, and I cannot stoop to justifying myself to those who are hell bent on judging me.

@Janet - you are always so supportive and take the time to comment. Thanks so much. Support and positive feedback are welcomed in light of the attacks! :)

@Tim - thanks for speaking out. At least I know that those who truly know me, find the accusations ridiculous...

@Anon - is this Nana? C'mon Nana, enough already. It is beginning to look like xenophobia and a bit of racism are what is fueling your aggressive responses. I thought we got beyond all this?

@IanH - I'm glad my reflection helped you to think about what we all write :) I have learned the hard way about those who are waiting to pounce! :(

@Gifty - thanks very much for giving me a chance. I hope to be real, but interesting and positive but true to myself the whole time. If that makes for interesting reading, I will be in luck! Thanks again :)

Audrey Quaye said...

Holli, this is hardly a witch hunt. You need to maintain journalistic integrity in your blog postings. Do not use a photo of the Agbogbloshie (Sodom & Gomorrah) slum and represent it as Jamestown.

Second, you need to be sensitive to your clients and not discuss them in a way that demeans them. Your comments about the woman that runs the program for street children, and also your remarks about the young man that shared his personal information about his upcoming wedding were not appropriate. Although these people are poor, they also deserve to be treated with respect.

Your blog is read worldwide by people so you need to be mindful about how you represent information about the communities that you work with.

I hope that you now have a better perspective about why so many people came down real hard on you.

Candy Kisseih-Akomfrah said...

Holli, I really wish you are genuinely aware of why people are upset with your Chale Wote observation.

None of us know you and all we read is what gives us an insight of who you are and where you are coming from.

Have you heard of the News International hacking news scandal in the UK and its implications?

Your blog is seemingly similar in that you have put information and pictures which had nothing to do with the actual festival. You were actually sensationalizing your blog with untruths. That is hurtful to the people. For that you should put your hands up and apologise straigt away.

I am sure you have a story to tell but please be careful with your TONE and your MOOD as you call it, when imparting that story as lies are very dangerous indeed.

You really should understand why people are upset. Do not turn this into what you call a witch hunt, which it isnt. YOU are not the victim in this at all, You are the Perpetrator.

Anonymous said...

Holli may wish to note that even the NDC manifesto states on page 16 that within 100 days " bold and comprehensive action will be take to deal with appalling filth in our communities" so Ghanaians are aware of their shortcomings and addressing them. Even in 2008 a WHO/UNICEF survey rated Ghana only less filthy than Niger in the ECOWAS regions thus WATSAN awareness is widespread in Ghana. However misrepresentation i.e. a photo of Sodom and Gomorrah to portray Jamestown might seem malicious or mischievous. Please note that even Americans get upset when their country is criticised even if justifiably so and Ghanaians are no different. Keep writing but be more circumspect and balanced.

Faf said...

Thanks for responding, I checked back just to see if you would.

I would personally have ignored those "she's racist" comments.

Who isn't racist in this world going by some people's definition?

Blogging has moved on from sharing your personal opinion on things... that's why I shut my own down.

If you're posting something, it goes way beyond what your hit-count says.

FishHawk said...

"Holli's Ramblings" has been included in this weeks A Sunday Drive. I hope this helps to attract even more new visitors here.

Max Kofi said...

Miss Pale Observer, when I read your earlier post, I could feel my blood boiling. Why is it that visitors to our country always feel like they know us so well after [insert number] of years with us? Sweetheart, the manner in which you even wrote that blog entry proves that you don't know us as well as you think you do. How many of our local proverbs caution the individual about "the one who does not know how to talk"? You've been here 15 years and you didn't know that you would receive backlash?? Where have you been hiding??
The problem was not the things you said (after all, we criticize our own country DAILY on the radios, do we not?) Your criticism would have been received in good faith if it wasn't so one-sided. I think you're a brilliant writer but perhaps not a very well-rounded analyst. Next time, please be careful to notice the GOOD, to encourage us to get BETTER, along with pointing out the BAD and the DISAPPOINTMENTS. You would've been surprised by how many people would've agreed with you.
You notice that on our radios, a bad choice of words always attracts more bad choices of words. Insults call for insults; thats how it works here (again, you should know that!)
Ghanaians do not like to be insulted.

The pale observer said...

Audrey, Candy, Faf and Max - I truly have appreciated all your comments and suggestions and have taken most to heart.
Lessons learned and the blogging must continue! :)

FishHawk - thanks so much for including my site on your Sunday Drive! I'm honoured and it's much appreciated.

The pale observer said...

Audrey, Candy, Faf and Max - I truly have appreciated all your comments and suggestions and have taken most to heart.
Lessons learned and the blogging must continue! :)

FishHawk - thanks so much for including my site on your Sunday Drive! I'm honoured and it's much appreciated.

The pale observer said...

Audrey, Candy, Faf and Max - I truly have appreciated all your comments and suggestions and have taken most to heart.
Lessons learned and the blogging must continue! :)

FishHawk - thanks so much for including my site on your Sunday Drive! I'm honoured and it's much appreciated.

Lylo said...

Some folks cannot resist playing the you're-a-racist card because they think it is perpetually trump, and it saves them the trouble of having to actually respond intelligently. Shoot the messenger and no need to deal with the message, old story. Defending oneself against a racism charge is always going to sound as lame as the No-I-don't-actually-beat-my-wife response, but it is very hard for the accused to bite one's lip and not try because they feel it is so wrong and unfair.. Holli is clearly not racist of course but some of the response-attacks sure were heading that way, eg the immigration-should-ban-her call. As someone here observed, would it have elicited the same vitriolic response from Nana et al if Holli's Jamestown piece had been written by a black Ghanaian, a non-expat? Be honest now and think about it a minute--it will tell you where the real xenophobia lurks here.

Lylo said...

I'd like to comment generally on the claim that Holli's Jamestown article basically sucked (my term) because it was one sided, biased and thus lacked balance. I know this sounds reasonable at first, but the reality is that a good article or essay needs to stick to a coherent theme or pov so trying to make it balanced almost always makes it fuzzy and unfocused and thus a poorer read. Instead of demanding that all articles be internally balanced why not accept that some will be written from one POV and some from another and so the reader can read several and come up with her own balance? It took me a long time (of trying to write balanced articles!) to figure this out. Look at movies and documentaries for eg--the good ones, the ones with impact, always take a POV and stick to it. I think it may be in the nature of narrative.

Jeremy said...


I do hope that you have taken the criticism to heart, but I must agree with Candy Kisseih-Akomfrah and Max Kofi, that what you have written here does not seem to reflect a real understanding of why people were upset with your post.

As a fellow oburuni, the one piece of advice I would try to give you is to remember that Ghanaians are also listening to you and reading what you write. Writing as if they are not is inherently insulting. I say this not to insult, but to try and make you aware, you have been living in Ghana for some time, but you write as if you were oburuni kokoo.

Mswahili said...

Ghana will get nowhere if pulling out the race-card is the response to any mild criticism or cynicism...

Pauline said...

I thought your post was hilarious. It's not a crime to cast a cynical eye on your surroundings every now and then -- I am sure that many Ivorians and Ghanaians and Senegalese find a lot of things to criticize in Europe too. If the arts festival was poorly organized, and you believe that a lot of donor money could have been put to better use, you should be free to say so. Most people I know see western aid money primarily as a get-rich-quick opportunity anyway -- how cynical is that?

Esi Cleland said...

Sheesh, Holli, I completely missed this. Been gone from writing/reading blogs for nearly a year. I've sensed, sadly that blogging in Ghana has become stagnant in this time. So I decided to check on you to see if you were still going strong.When I saw a post you had written that received 30 comments, I was heartened. Only to discover that you got so many responses because people were upset. Oh well...Kudos for keeping going. Kudos for writing. I'm thinking of coming back to blogging.

The pale observer said...

Esi - do come back to blogging!!! miss your original blog...

Pauline - thanks! Glad u are ok after all the trouble in Abidjan - u went quiet for a while there and I was worried!

Lylo and Mswahili - thanks I gree wholeheartedly.

Jeremy - thanks for the comment - its true that Ghanaians are not the majority of my audience, but having said that, I had a perspective that day which remains unchanged and whether or not Ghanaians would read this, did not change my POV that day. I'm not here to please for the sake of pleasing. I ramble about what i see and how i feel about it.

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