Thursday, March 26, 2009

In the name of Love? U2 takes it a step too far

I stumbled upon a well written blog today, from NYU called Aid Watch. They actually have an objective perspective, which is quite refreshing.

Scrolling down I came upon this:

Album cover from a recent compilation with the following inscription below it:

"Not sure what to make of this, so I just state the facts: an African-American record producer arranged to have well-known African singers do U2 songs for this album. U2 obviously had to sign off on an album in which Africa thanks U2 with U2 songs, due to copyright laws, and in fact the producer thanks U2 band members." There is a great debate in the comments section below it, which can be accessed here.

I think it's pathetically self indulgent for the U2s of this world to gloss over the issues facing Africa, to glorify themselves and pretend to be making any sort of a
difference. Aid has not been working for decades and there are many reasons for it. Bono was not an economist last time I checked, but he knows that being the poster child for Aid to Africa has revamped his popularity as a pseudo mother Teresa of the popular media, and now he's taken it even further with this new album of African singers doing U2 songs in commemoration of their valiant efforts.

Well Bono, since you asked, Yes you've disappointed me and left a bad taste in my mouth.
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Anonymous said...

To have any anglo trying to profit off of my country sickens me. If you cruel seeds of Jep hadn't come in and tried to Rape! Africa of all her dignity and beauty there would be no need for any of this. So to all you of "white south african" do gooders, leave your money at the gate and keep on going.

The pale observer said...

Hi Anonymous - not sure if you are aiming the comment at me directly. Firstly I am not South African, and secondly I agree that whites should never have come for the natural resources of Africa, and had allowed it to develop on it's own. I always wonder exactly where Africa would be right now, what would it look like had there been no colonialization at all... Had it persisted in a vacuum... However it's happened. And now the world needs to leave Africa alone- as you've rightly stated. However that means NO MORE AID. Instead, fair trade practises... It also means no intervention where African governments oppress their own people in the name of greed and wealth. The truth is that all sopcieties are now so interdependent with so many agendas, that it is never going to happen. We're all in a big global mess now and have to find a way through it.

Damien Moran said...

Dunno if anon is referring to Bono as an Anglo, but much to my disappointment he is an Irish singer. He should know better from his own country's history as an ex-colony of Britain.

Alongside his twin saviour Bob Geldof, they are single handedly saving Africa. Not! Any failed rocker like Geldof who receives an MBE from the Queen of Brittania has got serious ego issues.

Bono is so generous to the Irish people for their unfettered support over the years that he evades millions in tax every year, moving his company to offshore accounts. What a plonker!

The pale observer said...

What a plonker indeed!

kdar said...

interesting? (a couple years old)


Anonymous said...

i cant stand Bono, what ppl do for money and fame..!
and i live in dublin, as you said a big pseudo pretending to save the poor africans.
if he might removes his pink glasses once he would see whats going on just here!

looking forward to your new posts


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Anonymous said...

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