Saturday, January 23, 2010

Follower number 250 - the exotic daredevil herself, Heather!

So the milestone has been reached and surpassed. People actually stop by here and read the Ramblings! I'm honoured :)

Follower number 250, a blogger buddy - is Heather. She is no ordinary blogger though.

I'll give you all a little taste of the wild madness that is waiting over at Heather's corner of the cyberworld...

Heather's blog is called Notes from Lapland (which for those of you like me who didn't know where Lapland was, shame! It's in northern Finland!!!) Can you say exotic?

Heather's from the UK and:

Has flown a helicopter!

Stolen a box of paperclips

Ran away from home at 15 to work in a seedy nightclub!!! (I added the seedy for effect)

She doesn't write erotic stories for seedy magazines in her spare time - but that's only because she has no spare time!!! She's a mom of two little ones, ya know!

And Heather once got arrested! For what, you ask? Well it was either:

a. fighting
b. stealing a helicopter
c. stealing an F1 race car

BUT you'll have to head on over to the Notes from Lapland to find out which!! Oh, and mind your step once you get there, there's reindeer droppings all over the place!!!
Thanks For Making This Possible! Kindly Bookmark and Share it.

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DL Hammons said...

I'm troddling over there right now!


Catherine Denton said...

Yay for Helicopter Heather!!
Winged Writer

Heather said...

Why thanking you kindly! I was pleased to become a follower, i didn't realise I wasn't already until I clicked the little link. Oh, and the nightclub, yeah, reasonably seedy. ;9 Thank you doing this, you are wonderful. Mwah!

blunt edges said...

lapland? how cool a name is that!

Kristy Boyce said...

Dammit, I think I was 249!

Matthew said...

250 is an achievement matched only by the quality of your writing.

I knew Lapland was in Finland. All because of a Spanish film I saw many years ago. Funny the things that teach and trigger, isn't it?

Janet said...

I'm going over there now to see if she's met Father Christmas...

Rob and Mandy said...

What an extraordinary blog you have there!

Stacie said...

I am going over too...not surprising at all that 250 souls hooked up are a fantastic writer!

dufmanno said...

You are spectacular. This blog makes me feel intellectually inferior, sad about how much better you live your life YET warm and happy at the same time. I think you just created the perfect balance in my life.
I am now officially following you forever.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Congrats on the growth. Lots of fun. :)

The pale observer said...

DL, bu, Janet and Stacie - hope you liked Heather's blog - do keep checking - become a follower :)

Sorry Kristy - I still appreciate your readership!

Matthew, R&M, Stacie, Robyn and dufmanno - thanks so much for your wonderful comments. I love your blogs as well! That's why we're cyber buddies :)

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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